Real Snakes

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Real Snakes GamePlay:

A new option is added to the IO game collection at y8 games online 2 player. It’s called Real Snakes. It’s about the battle of snakes where you compete against real players. The gameplay is the same as You face other online players on the map. You will nurture a tiny snake into a giant one to conquer the leaderboard. All you need to do is to slither around the map and eat as much food as you can to grow in length and size.

At first, safety is the top priority. You should focus on eating while avoiding other snakes. As you grow big enough, you can play tricks to defeat other players. Fool them to make them hit your body or surround them with your long body to take their life. When they die, you can absorb their remains to grow up faster. Be careful because other players can apply the same trick to kill you.

Unlike other games at that do not feature any special items to help you reach your goal easier, while slithering around the map in this game, you can collect some power-ups that either protect your life or help you grow up faster. So don’t hesitate to pick up those items to gain an advantage over other players. One more important thing you should remember is that you can speed up to escape from danger or trap your prey with a perfect strategy.

However, don’t overuse this feature because each time you boost your speed, you become smaller and shorter. That’s all about this interesting game. If you want to get more information about it or other games, just leave a comment below. Here are some suggestions for you: Drawmaster and I'm a skateman.

Controls: Touch, mouse, or joystick.

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