Real Football Challenge

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Football games never go old. Even though the gameplay and the player's objective in most football games are the same, each football game come to y8y8y8 games is always welcomed by so many online players. This time, we would like to introduce you to our latest football game that won’t let you down. Its name is Real Football Challenge. Its name tells you something about your main goal already.

Your ultimate goal is to conquer all challenges to score as many times as possible. You won’t control a team of 11 players like in other football games. This game focuses on scoring. You control your team player to kick the ball into the goal. You have to aim and kick it accurately, so the ball will pass the goalkeeper and fly straight to the goal. If the goalkeeper blocks the ball or the ball doesn’t get into the goal, you have to restart that level. You need to clear the current level to open the next one.

Some of the first levels of this game are quite easy. You just need to aim and kick the ball. In later levels, you have to pass the ball to your teammate and pass all players from the opposing team to score. It means the ball will go through so many layers before it reaches the goal. Time is unlimited; therefore, take your time to make a move. You don’t need to rush. It will be more challenging when you go deep into the game but you can pass all challenges, can’t you? Have a great gaming experience here and make sure you discover our game collection to bookmark your favorite ones. Here are our suggestions for you Minitoss and Soccer Free Kick at

Controls: Mouse.

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