Football Mover

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The football game is one of the most favorite choices of many players. Football games have the same theme but they are built on a different concept. This time, Y8y8y8. Will introduce to you a cool football game in form of a puzzle game called Football Mover. Here, you won’t be in a team of 11 players and compete again the opposing team in the field. You don’t have to kick the ball through the goalkeeper to score.

Instead, you have to remove the right block at the right time to make the ball roll to the goal. Yes, it’s truly a logic game with a lot of physical interactions. You simply can call it a physical-based puzzle game. You have only one try at each level. If you drop the ball, you know what is punishment, don’t you? You get to play that level until you lead the ball to the goal successfully to enter the next round.

On, you don’t have any helper. It’s all up to your mind. During each level, you also have to collect all whistles. It doesn’t play as currency in this game. It likes an achievement. Timing is the key to win. Sometimes, if you take action sooner or later than just a few seconds, you fail. Before playing this game, you may not guess what kind of gameplay it is when football combines with the puzzle game, right?

After playing this game, you will addict to it and can’t wait to conquer from the first level to the last one. It won’t take much time for you to clear every single stage of the game if you have good problem-solving skills. Have fun and don’t forget to check out more options such as Run Royale Knockout and Love Pin Online.

Controls: Click to interact with all elements.

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