Pizza Party

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Pizza is one of the famous and popular dishes in most countries in the world. Pizza brings convenience and delicious taste in each cake. You've never done the pizza by yourself yet? Come to Pizza Party at free Y8y8y8 school games and become a professional baker. In this exciting game, you will be the chef and your mission is to serve the pizza requirements of your customers everywhere.

Note, you will not have any recipes or recipes in this game. Instead, you will have to learn for yourself and find out the individual characteristics of each cake. To complete this game, you will have to serve many customers who have different requirements for pizza. Try your best to create the pizza exactly as required by them and make a lot of money in the game. As you know at Y8y8 kids games for school, customers hate to wait and spend a lot of time shopping.

So, you have to memorize their requests and do it quickly before they become angry. How many customers can you serve in level 1? This will depend on your ability to memorize and skill. Don’t forget to play more with some similar games like Barbies Birthday Cake. Have fun!


Use the mouse to interact with the computer.