Skeleton Party Hidden

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Have you ever played hide and seek? It’s a childhood game that most people know it. Now, Skeleton Party Hidden will introduce you to a new type of hide and seek game in which you are a seeker and you have to find 10 stars. At y8 puzzle games, this game is actually easy and simple. Kids can play as well.

There are 6 levels in the total and each level you have to find 10 stars with 50 seconds. If you do not complete your mission, you have to play that current level again to unlock the next one. These stars are small and they are yellow. They appear anywhere in the picture as a blurry version. You can see them right away if they appear in the areas that have a different color from them.

However, if they hide in the yellow areas, you may not notice them. So don’t miss any part of the image. You have to scan every corner of each picture to quickly collect stars. On, if you look at the whole image without focusing on the specific points, you can’t clear the level within 50 seconds. This game seems to suit kids the most because it doesn’t require any skills.

The challenging element is about time but time-limited elements make the game more fun and attractive. The images look really impressive but don’t let them make you lose your attention. Apart from this game, make sure you enjoy other choices in your free time. Fluffy Story 2 and Mango Piggy Piggy Farm may suit your taste.

How to play:

Click on the stars to collect them.

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