Pizza Maker

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Pizza Maker is a cooking game about making pizza – one of the favorite dishes of many people. If you are one of them, you go to the right place. At y8 girls games, you don’t make pizza for you to eat but you sell pizza. Yes, it’s true. You run a pizza shop and sell the best pizza from the best pizza recipe. It’s time to open your store and welcome your first customer. In this game, you make a pizza that follows the order of each customer.

So make sure you choose the right ingredients. If you choose something wrong, your customer won’t satisfy and they won’t come back again. Choose the right dough, sauce, and topping as well. Be careful because the game won’t warn you if you choose the wrong ingredient. You always can look at the order again. Check it whenever you feel confused. After that, you just need to perform every step shown on the screen.

On, you will go through different stages of making a pizza. It’s quite time-consuming but you will discover several interesting things about making pizza. The best part is that if you forget to add some things in the previous stage but you moved to the next stage, you always can go back and correct your mistake. Sound great, right? You don’t have to make it from the beginning.

Welcome all customers with a bright smile and tasty pizza that matches their order. Your customers are sure to come back to you so often. If you like cooking games, there are some great choices for you such as Smoothie Maker and Girl Beauty Shop.

How to play:

Make pizza by using your mouse.

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