Parents Run

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Parents Run is a meaningful and fun game in which you will help a couple raise their kid to become a successful person. It’s a heavy responsibility but you can do it, can’t you? Enjoy this free game at along with tons of other cool games here. So, mom and dad run in their own way but they will pass a kid to each other and your job is to time that action. Pass the kid without making the kid crash into the clowns.

If the kid touches a clown, the game ends there. The aim of passing the kids between mom and dad is to protect the kid from dangers, to collect money and to level up the kid. The higher level the kid has, the better job he gets in the future. Depending on the level of the kid, the kid will run toward the job that he will become. To level up the kid, the kid and mom or dad have to go through the green door. If they enter the red door, the level will be reduced. Be careful when you pass the kid in this y8y8y8 games game.

Let’s help parents raise their kids and let the kid have a high-paying job and positions in the future. The kids can be a clerk, policemen, lawyer or doctor. It depends on you. This game has simple control mechanics and gameplay but it’s enjoyable to play. It will keep you hooked after the first try for sure and you can’t wait to conquer all levels of the game. Have a great gaming time here and don’t forget to explore our game collection to find your favorite ones. If you don’t want to search, here are our suggestions for you Let Us Pop and Hungry Box

How to play: Mouse.

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