Cat Run

Rate: 85% | 4.3/5 (4 Player)


Cat Run GamePlay:

Cat Run is an endless running game in which your goal is to run as far as possible and collect lots of gold and stars. Choose your favorite cat – Orange or Black – and let the fun begin! The way is full of traps and even dangerous animals like dogs and mice. What you need is to control your cat so that he will not encounter those obstacles. You can change lanes or move up and down. Here at best games y8y8y8, everything goes at a fast speed, so stay focused and make sure that you can act promptly.

Good eye-hand coordination is the key to master this game. You have 3 lives in the game, which means that you are allowed to make 3 mistakes. And once the lives are used up, the game is over. The further you run, the higher score you will gain. So, do your best to survive as long as you can and run as far as possible. During the game, don’t forget to earn gold, stars and useful tools which are scattered along your way. Then you can use the gold and stars you earn to purchase more helpful tools in the Store.

How far can you run? Come and show us your talents! Enjoy your time! You may want to try more running games like Grub Runner  and Kawai Run. Many interesting things are waiting for you at, come and discover today!

How to play:

Press arrow keys to control your cat if you play this game on the computer or tap on the game screen when playing it on the mobile phone.

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