Santa Gift Truck

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Santa Gift Truck GamePlay:

Images of Santa Claus riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer are so familiar on Christmas day. However, this Christmas he wants to try something new. Instead of riding a sleigh, he drives a truck to collect gifts and give gifts to children around the world. In Santa Gift Truck, you play as Santa Clause in modern life.

Let’s drive your truck to collect as many gifts as you can at y8 games online 2 player. You have 4 gifts on the back of your truck. The journey is challenging because there was big snow last night and now, the road is covered with white snow. Besides, the road is not straight and flat. You will have to drive through the ramps. And if you aren’t careful, 4 available gifts can be dropped along the way.

To unlock the next level to enter a new journey, you have to have a least one gift leave when you reach the finish line. Drive until you see a candy cane. It means you succeed. On, the hardest part is preserving the number of gifts available. You don't have to be pressured by time or face any restrictions, so drive slowly down the slopes to keep all gifts in place.

Gifts are an integral part of Christmas day. So protect the gifts at all costs to bring a complete holiday to every child. Merry Christmas and help Santa Claus in this mission, then you may have a gift. Don’t forget to discover other great games in our huge collection such as Zombinators and Santa Airlines


Use your arrow keys to drive.

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