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Poke.io is a fun and enjoyable multiplayer IO game in which you compete against real players around the world. Because your opponents are online players, then the battle becomes more challenging and exciting. Here at Y8 kids games, when the room is full of players, the battle begins. The ultimate objective of all players is to become the last man standing and conquer the top 1 of the leaderboard. You have 90 seconds to chase your goal.

Your rank in the leaderboard bases on how many opponents you kill and how many scores you have from collecting gems on the map. So, right after you take a step on the map, let’s focus on collecting gems to get scores, then you can hunt for some prey. Try to attack your opponents from their back and when they don't notice. With the ones who get more kills and more scores than you, they easily skewer you. You can attack those who are stronger than you but it’s much harder.

On https://www.y8y8y8.games/, if you take action fast and smart enough, you even can defeat the top scorers. Based on your rank after the battle, you will get coins. You can use coins to unlock new characters in the store. When you kill an opponent, don’t forget to collect their remaining. This boosts your score better than collecting gems. You also find some special items on the map.

However, some are useful but some give you a bad effect such as make you slow down or keep everything in the dark and this makes you vulnerable. You should collect shields only among them. Enjoy every single match and have fun in other games such as Agario.one and Social Media Snake

How to play: Mouse to move and hold the left mouse to speed up.

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