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Completing against the real players is always more enjoyable than playing alone or against AI. If you think so, is for you. This is an online multiplayer IO game where your main goal is victory. At Y8 multiplayer games, there are so many games that you should try and this IO game is one of them. The rule is simple – swallow dots on the map and attack the ones who are smaller than you. Sound easy but you have to take advantage of some tactics to reach your ultimate objective.

The first tip is to collect as many dots scattered on the maps as possible to increase in volume. Eating dots make you grow up but swallow players who are slightly smaller than you helps you grow up much faster. Secondly, stay away from those who are bigger than you. It’s obvious. Like you can eat the smaller ones, you can become a tasty snack for the bigger ones. Thirdly, split yourself into several parts when you are big enough to make a trap to absorb smaller players.

However, don’t be lured by the tricks of other players. The third tip for you to survive on is to move around the center of the map. It means that you shouldn’t go to the corners because you will have no chance to survive if you are being hunted by a larger cell. You are easily cornered and there is no way out. A match lasts for 1 hour and you can always respawn when you die.

Besides, you can see your current rank on the leaderboard placed at the top right of the screen. Wish you luck here and in other amazing games such as Social Media Snake and

Controls: Mouse to move and Space to split.

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