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Nothing is better than competing against real players, right? Come to and enjoy the life-and-death battles where you and your teammates will face off against other teams. It is an amazing online multiplayer shooter game with different maps and game modes that you can play for free at Y8 online. You have a specific goal in each game mode and after a game, you can vote a map that you want to play on and a game mode that you want to try.

Create a team or join an available team and start to fight. 2 teams fight against each other in a fully destructible map. You have more than 20 different weapons to unlock by playing the game and gaining XP. In the battle, you can get on different vehicles such as jeeps or tanks. You can get on a jeep with one of your teammates and the one who sits in the passenger seat can shoot at enemies.

Tank is a single-seater armed with a powerful turret that you can use to blow your enemies up or destroy any vehicles in your shooting range. On, you have an HP bar. If you get shot, you lose some HP and you die when the HP bar is empty but don’t worry, you will respawn as soon as time doesn’t run out yet. Each time you play is an unforgettable experience and you will keep playing several times without getti

ng bored. So many interesting features are here for you to discover. The more you play, the more you find it engaging. Teamwork and bring the victory home to earn money to customize your character with tons of cosmetics in the store. Enjoy your time and make sure you try out other games such as and Sunny Farm IO.


WASD/arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and left click to shoot, 1/2/3/4 to switch weapons, E to enter the car.

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