Interstellar Run

Rate: 92% | 4.6/5 (5 Player)


Interstellar Run GamePlay:

How long has it been since you played an endless running game? A new non-stop running game is about to start. Let’s join now! Interstellar Run is the latest endless runner game at Y8y8y8 that brings you to the space and there, you have to run like never before if you want to survive. The gameplay is too familiar, isn’t it? However, it still has something that you can’t find in most endless runner games out there.

Your character will automatically run toward the tube-liked platforms. You control him to move to the left and right and jump over the obstacles at the right time to keep your running journey lasting longer. You have 2 lives in each run and when your lives run out, you respawn at the place where you die and keep running. You can earn extra lives by collecting hearts while running.

Keep in mind that the threat is not always present. Therefore, be always ready to deal with any obstacles out there. This Y8 games online tests your reaction all the time. You have to rotate the platform, jump to avoid falling into the holes, and dodge the lasers. Let us tell you a small secret. You should stay away from the tiles that have a lighter color than the others because they will disappear when you step your feet on them.

Over time, the running speed will increase and more obstacles will appear. Keep running even you fail a lot. Set a record and break that record on your own. Have a fun journey and don’t forget to challenge yourself with new missions in Sneak Out 3D and Among us Subway.

Instructions: AD or right/left arrow keys to move, up arrow keys/W/Space to jump.

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