Block Champ

Rate: 72% | 3.6/5 (5 Player)


Block Champ GamePlay:

You may too familiar with 10x10 classics and Tetris for sure. Let’s welcome the same gameplay with a few twists which give you a sense of both familiar and new. This game is called Block Champ. Put all your problem-solving skills to play this puzzle and get the highest score as many games you have played at y8 two player. Easy to play but hard to get a high score, you will deal with a true challenge.

You have 3 blocks as 3 pieces at a time and you can choose which one to be placed in the game board first without following the order that they appear on the right side of the screen. Place them anywhere but with a strategy to make room for the next piece. If you place each piece randomly, you can reach the goal. It means that you have to fill either rows or columns to clear the line and earn scores. The more columns and rows to be eliminated, the more score you get.

On, you sometimes see some ice cubes. If this kind of block appears in a full column or row, it won’t be clear but become normal. To be clear, you have to delete them twice. The lightning cubes are great ones that help you a lot in your mission. Let's make the right decision as you place each piece because, with a little mistake, the game will stop there.

That is, if there is no free space for the next piece, you lose. Hope you have a great moment here and you will find more fun in Ball Run and Jump Temple


Use your left mouse to place each piece.

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