Adventure Joystick

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How many adventure games at y8 games escape have you ever played? Every single game collection in general and the collection of adventure games in particular on our site always welcome new additions. That means you always have new games to enjoy whenever you want. And one of the latest games has come is Adventure Joystick. Here, you control a joystick or a game consoler to finish an adventure through a series of levels.

To clear each level, you have to collect one key and reach the exit. That’s it. However, it’s not easy to take the key and go to the door because you have to go through a lot of obstacles, challenges, and traps. You have only one life and if you crash into any traps or fall into the water, you have to restart that level. In this game, you mainly run and jump. With every move you make, you have to be careful. With a tiny mistake, you can do nothing to save the situation, except for restarting that level.

Like any adventure or platformer game at, you also collect gems on the way, even though gems don’t play any special role in this game. Collect gems and you get extra points. That’s it. The main object you have to collect is the key. Without the key, even if you reach the door, you can’t move to the next level. Your adventure becomes more challenging over time. You can’t guess what awaits you ahead. You have to go forwards and deal with them by yourself. It’s something fun and also challenging.

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Controls: WASD.

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