Choli Jet

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Choli Jet GamePlay:

Do you want to travel around on your own? You will see the beautiful city when standing on high. If you join Choli Jet online game at y8 games unblocked online you will make those dreams come true. You will conquer the altitude and practice a lot of technical manipulations while flying. To start the game perfectly, learn the rules in this game. Who will be the adorable characters to be challenged?

You are a cute but strange little creature that wants to travel around the land and you are using a jet pack to do this. You are learning to fly with low energy; you can fall at any time if you do not keep your balance well. You can only move very far if you overcome the obstacles. Want to go far is not too difficult, practice flying techniques to avoid obstacles.

You will complete this challenge. Use the mouse to control the flight speed and distance of the chicken. The chicken will fly in difficult areas; imagine flying in tall, empty walls in the middle. How can you make a long journey without hitting the top row and the bottom line?

While the distance between them is quite close and you are learning to fly by jet. It will not be too difficult if you know the flight mode, use the mouse at the right time, click the right distance to fly to avoid the walls, you will overcome it. Invite friends to play Choli Jet at and share the joy with them. Let's explore some other similar games with them Pizza Maker and School Memory Deluxe.


the mouse.

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