School Memory Deluxe

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (4 Player)


School Memory Deluxe GamePlay:

School Memory Deluxe is especially a perfect game for kids because its theme is so familiar. It’s all school items. This is a puzzle game that not only brings players joy but also help them improve their memory. At y8 skill games, your main objective is to find each pair of the same school items such as a pair of schoolbags, a pair of pencils, a pair of pens, a pair of crayons and so on.

They are placed in different positions and you have to flip the cards to find them. The items are revealed by flipping the cards. If you are a very lucky person, you can get the first right pairs in the first try but it’s rare. You at least have to flip 3 times. Each time you flip a couple of cards, you will know the position of 2 items.

On, you must memorize their locations because next time, you flip 2 other cards and there is a card that matches the previous one. You have to finish each level in a limited time. And try your best to flip the card as few times as possible because if you make too many wrong flips, you will be penalized.

The number of points you get from finding the right pairs of cards may be less than the points you get deducted for flipping the wrong cards but it’s ok. You just need to complete every mission when the time doesn’t run out. Conquer each level with the highest score and enjoy your free time in other games such as Word Link and Catch The Thief 3D.


Flip the cards by using your mouse.

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