Towing Train

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (13 Player)


Towing Train GamePlay:

Towing Train is an enjoyable driving simulator game with 7 levels and many truck options to experience. Here at y8 co m new games, you can find tons of driving games with different gameplay and each brings a unique experience. That’s true. With this latest option, you also have the best gaming time. Put your driving to a test that requires you to towing the train to a certain destination in each level. You start from level 1 and move to the new one when completing the current level. In each level, there are some checkpoints on the way.

Go through the checkpoints and if you lose, you will restart from the last checkpoint. You will know where is the next point by following the instructional arrow and some green areas will appear showing you where to go. Make sure you control the speed because instead of driving on the road of the city, you do your mission in the mountainous areas with zigzag roads. Don’t speed up when you are going to go through the turns. Slow down and keep safe for yourself as well as the train.

On y8 games online 2 player, the difficulty level increases as you level up. The driving path becomes challenging. You can change your truck after each level without any fee. In other driving games, you will get a reward after completing a mission and you can buy a new vehicle when having enough of money, but in this game, all kinds of trucks are available for free. Enjoy this game and explore other ones such as Zombie Harvester Rush and Oil Tanker Truck Drive


Use WASD to move

C to change camera

Spacebar to stop.

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