Dig It

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Dig It GamePlay:

It seems that Dig It is a unique and interesting version of golf. You will see that many features of this game are similar to golf but it also has some unique ones. In real life, you will use a golf club to play golf but it’s different in the game at y8 2 player games. All you need to do to guild the ball into the hole is to use your finger or mouse to dig into the ground, making a path. You can imagine that the hole is deep underground so you have to make a path for the ball.

The game has a rich level system and when you level up, you will feel the game becomes more challenging. This game also has a puzzle element as you need to find a way to help the ball dodge some dangerous obstacles and fall into the safety hole. These obstacles may be spikes, bombs and more.

In some levels, you are not only tasked with putting a single ball into the hole but two or more. Sometimes, instead of digging from the top down, you are better to dig upwards from the hole. It will keep the ball safe from dangers. On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, the puzzle element becomes more evident later. You can’t complete the levels behind as quickly and easily as the first levels because obstacles appear denser and prevent your road construction. How can you deal with it?

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Use your finger or mouse to dig into the ground.

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