Stunt Extreme

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Stunt Extreme GamePlay:

All the other racers are ready to go straight to the finish line. What bout you? Be well-prepared with your motorbike and ready to win over your opponents and bring the victory home. Stunt Extreme is the latest bike racing game at that offers 2 modes for you to enjoy. The first one is career mode including 60 levels with increasingly challenging levels. You have to win the race to move to the next round.

Your main goal here is to cross the finish line firstly. In the top 3, you can unlock the next level. The second one is survival mode. As its name, you have to survive as long as possible to go as far as you can. Even though your ultimate objective in both modes is different, the gameplay is the same. You change the lanes to avoid obstacles and hitting other racers.

However, in the career mode, if you crash into an opponent or an obstacle, you will fall but you can stand up and keep going while in the survival mode, you lose a life when you fall. Remember that you have only 2 lives in this mode. You can see a bar on the right of the screen in this Y8y8 game. It’s the nitro bar. You can use nitro to gain high speed and pass other racers. To fill this bar, you perform jump stunts.

The game will count the game from the time you start the race until you cross the finish line. Then give you from 1 to 3 stars based on that time. It's better to reach the finish line in the shortest time. Have fun and enjoy other awesome games such as Delivery Racer and Crayz Monster Taxi.

How to play: Mouse, tile, or touch to play.

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