Delivery Racer

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Delivery Racer GamePlay:

Delivery Racer is an extremely fun game about racing and delivering where you play a shipper who is responsible for delivering goods to customers. Can you complete this task quickly and safely? Here at Y8 free game, let’s prove that you are the fastest delivering guy ever. Get on your scooter and start a new working day. Each level requires you to drop a certain number of items. You will the areas to drop the delivery on both sides of the road. You just need to stop at those areas to have your job done.

To complete a level, you need to deliver all packages and cross the finish line. However, challenges are waiting for you ahead. A game won’t be fun if there is no challenge, right? Here, you need to avoid crashing into obstacles, vehicles, pedestrians, and so on. You also see some platforms that help you jump off the obstacles.

Like in real life, you have to obey traffic rules. It means you need to stop when the traffic light turns yellow and red. Otherwise, you will be hit by other vehicles. You may find this game quite similar to some endless runner games at For example, you also have to change the lanes to avoid obstacles, collect money, and some power-ups on the way. Money is used to unlock new skins in the store.

Be careful with the gas because when you pick up gas, your scooter will speed up and become uncontrollable. This leads to an accident if there is an obstacle in front of you and you can’t stop or change direction at the right moment. Have a great working day and make sure you give other games a try. Some options for you are Crayz Monster Taxi and Halloween Wheelie Bike.

How to play: Left click to move and release the mouse to stop.

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