Squid Challenge Honeycomb

Rate: 82% | 4.1/5 (10 Player)


Squid Challenge Honeycomb GamePlay:

Have you tried all Squid Game challenges yet? Honeycomb and Red Light Green Light have appeared in many games, right? You can find some options at Y8 player and now, it’s time to deal with another challenge from that series in a game called Survive The Glass Bridge. Your ultimate goal is to cross the glass bridge successfully. There are 4 difficulty levels and you should try the easy level first to get familiar with the control and gameplay.

To cross the glass bridge, you need to choose the right tile to jump each time. The glass bridge has 2 lanes and each time you jump, you need to choose the right tile or the left one. One of two tiles is safe to jump. Another one is thin, so it can handle your weight. So it will break and you will fall. It’s all up to your luck.

There is no hint or clue or something that you can rely on to choose the right tile at all. Of course, like most games at https://m.y8y8y8.games/, you have to finish the mission within a certain amount of time. Can you reach that side of the glass bridge before time runs out? With the first level of difficulty, you have quite a lot of time. With the hardest level, time is short. Besides, you don’t have a second chance in each game. If you fall, you have to start.

As mentioned above, you should start with the easy level, then opt for the next difficulty level when you have enough experience and confidence. You are sure to have a great time here as well as in many games such as Operation Desert Road and Jack O Gunner.

How to play: Arrow keys to move.