Sort It 3D

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Sort It 3D is a relaxing puzzle game offers simple rule, enjoyable experience, and many levels. If you want to relax after working or studying softly, a puzzle game is a good choice to go and this option is one of the best choices on our site. If you ignore it, you will miss something really interesting. Here at y8 juegos, your main goal is to sort the balls.

These balls are in different color and you must move it from this tube to that tube to fill the tube with 4 balls of the same color. It sounds exciting, right? In the beginning, you can easily go through the first some levels because there are not many balls in a different color. As you level up, you have to deal with multi-colored balls. You are allowed to take as many moves as you want as soon as you find a great solution.

You are not under the pressure of time or limited move. Feel free to enjoy the game of your own pace and randomly move like the way you want. On, if you get stuck, you can undo seamlessly to correct your mistake. Remember that each tube can contain 4 balls. And the level is completed when each tube is filled with 4 balls of the same color.

Kids can play this game as well and it will improve their color recognization and give them hours of joy. Explore other games for free whenever you want. Some of the best options are Perfect Slices Online and Jumping Light


Click to move the ball.

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