Water Sort Puzzle

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Water Sort Puzzle GamePlay:

Puzzle games are not only great for entertainment but also to increase your memory and train your brain. So why don’t play a puzzle game this time? The latest puzzle is here available for free at y8y8. It’s called Water Sort Puzzle. Look at its name, you can guess what it’s about, right? It just likes you are in a lab and you have to separate the liquid by color.

Each test tube contains a variety of liquids of different colors. They are divided into layers. You will need to pour layers of liquid into test tubes to sort them so that each tube contains a unique type of liquid. Don’t worry the liquid of different colors won’t blend. It sounds so simple and easy. Yes, it’s true in the beginning because you have to separate the liquid into 2 colors. As you level up, new colors will appear. That is, liquid sorting will become much more complicated.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, the more color the liquid has, the more difficult the task of classifying them becomes. The first move is important. It affects your result. So make sure you take a good move at first. Then, it will be easier to make the second move. It’s not too late to talk about the rule, isn’t it? You have to meet some requirements. You can only pour the liquid if it is linked to the same color and the test tube has enough room to store more liquid. Pour the liquid into another test tube to sort it. That’s it.

Play and conquer all the levels that the game offers. You can play once or twice, even more times as you want. Have fun and try other games anytime such as Mosquito Smash Game and Donutosaur 2.

How to play:

Click or tap on the test tube to pour water.

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