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Slither GamePlay:

Slither has no difference in gameplay from other snake slithering games at Y8 games online. Instead of nurturing a snake, you will take care of a small dragon. In the beginning, it was truly small and weak. That’s why you need to feed it with colorful eggs scattered around the map. Your ultimate goal is obviously to turn a small snake to become the longest one and dominate the first place on the leaderboard.

It’s not easy at all because so many snakes controlled by real players want to grab that title. You have to compete against several opponents at once without friends and companions. You have to fight for yourself. At first, you should focus on collecting colorful eggs. The more eggs you collect, the longer the dragon becomes. The only threat to your life in this game is other dragons. You have to avoid them no matter how big you are.

Unlike other games that have the same gameplay at, there is no power-up or booster here. You also can’t speed up to escape from dangerous situations and so on; therefore, you have to be careful and watch out for the dragons on the map and the new ones suddenly appear. If you hit any dragon on the map, you will die. You can play tricks to make other dragons collide with your body and when they die, you can suck what they leave. What the dead dragons left behind is a treasure.

Don’t forget to check out all available skins that the game offers. All of them are free and you can choose your favorite one from those options. What is your highest rank in the game? Enjoy your time and play other games such as Top Guns IO and Snake io war.

How to play: Mouse.

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