Shape Race

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Shape Race GamePlay:

Shape Race is a fun racing game that doesn’t have something related to car racing but still brings to the epic races at high speed. Here at Y8 games, you start the race as a ball and you will soon deal with some obstacles that have round-shaped and square-shaped holes. You have to stay focused. If you are a ball, you have to choose to go through the round-shaped hole and after that, you will turn into a square.

If you are a square, you have to choose to go through the square-shaped hole, and then you will turn into a ball. So the rule is that you rush straight into obstacles that have the same shape as you. You blow up when you hit the square-shaped hole as a ball and when you hit the round-shaped hole as a square. Just move to the right and left to avoid obstacles and collect diamonds.

Slide as a square or roll like a ball and have a never-ending journey. Keep in your mind that you can’t slow down or speed up. Like other games at that have the increasing difficulty level as you advance, here, your speed increases over time. You will find it harder to react at the right time to avoid obstacles. The moving speed may make you feel dizzy. Try to stay focused to avoid making any mistakes.

When you slide and roll, you will see some balls and squares ahead of you. Hit them and you will change into their colors. What is your best score? Play several times and set your own records. Enjoy more games such as Stickman Bridge and Flashing Square.

How to play: Right and left arrow keys to move.

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