Drift Race

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Drift Race GamePlay:

There are many factors that determine whether you win or not in a race. However, speed is not everything, especially in a racing game that you are unable to control the speed of your car like Drifty Race. Then, you may wonder how to win if you can speed up.

In this awesome racing game at http://m.y8y8y8.games/, drift is everything you need to win other opponents. Why? Because when you perform a drift at the right moment, you can pass other races and become the first one reaching the finish line. The racing tracks here are not straight at all. It is extremely twisted, there are many bends. The key to win is to perform every drift at the perfect moment.

By doing that, you not only can eliminate your opposing racers but can win. You must the first one who reaches the finish line to join a new race. As you level up, you deal with more racers and they are more skillful and fierce. You can apply a fair-play strategy to win, but your opponents will use tricks to throw you off the track on y8 games online 2 player. So, be brave to eliminate them before they kill you.

There are 16 races waiting for you to conquer and 6 cars for you to discover. You can change to another kind of car if you want. Each car doesn’t have anything special but just have a new look. So, change your car if you want to have a refreshing experience. Are you the winner or one of your opponents? Challenge yourself and other players in Boat Rescue and Ice Biker


Click or tap to drift.

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