Scrap Gl

Rate: 88.2% | 4.4/5 (17 Player)


Scrap Gl GamePlay:

Who is a fan of racing game? Raise your hand! Today, we will introduce you the most attractive racing game of all time - Scrap Gl at Y8y8y8 game. What's so special about this game? Why does this game attract so many players? Follow me and find out the answer for you!

To start this racing game, you can choose 1 in 2 models: Singleplayer and multiplayer. Which one is more interesting? The answer is that both models are interesting and attractive. So, I recommend that you try to play both models and find out the attractions in the game.

First, the graphic design of this game is extremely eye-catching with vivid 3D images. Visual effects and sound are important factors that contribute to the success of the game. I believe that you will have fun and true experiences in life. Second, Scrap Gl's play style is extremely attractive. You will drive a car with realistic simulation on the screen and conquer every race.

Be careful with fences, obstacles, and dangerous challenges ahead. Finally, speed is an important factor in this fascinating racing game. Don’t forget to explore more with Sportscar Grand Prix on racing games


Use arrow keys to control your car.