Running Bot

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Running Bot is an interesting endless runner game about an adventure of a robot. Its goal is to run through a large forest and it needs your help to lead it to the right way. Here at Y8 games, you need to help this robot run as far as possible. Let’s see how many meters can you and your robot run? Like other options of the same genre, you have to help your robot safely pass tons of obstacles.

Move to the left and right to avoid hitting trees and jump over the rocks. The best part is that the robot has 3 lives. It means you have another 2 chances to continue your running journey when the robot falls. Along the way, you collect Christmas gifts but you don’t have to collect every single of them. Left some behind and it’s ok. Besides Christmas gifts, the items you don’t want to miss any of them are power-ups such as swings, magnets, shields, and so on.

These items help you so much on your running journey. They have the same effects on all kinds of items in other endless runner games at Swings will raise you up the sky and you will handle no obstacles. You are free to fly around and collect Christmas gifts. After a few seconds, you land and keep your running journey. Shields will protect you even you hit obstacles and magnets will help you collect several Christmas gifts at once.

That’s all about what you have to do and everything you should know about this game. Hope you have a great time here and make sure you check out other options such as Among escape and Run Rabbit Run

How to play: Arrow keys to play.

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