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Why do people still love to play puzzle games while there are so many choices of games out there? The attractiveness of puzzle games is undeniable and if you love this genre, the good news for you is that tons of different puzzle games are available for free at y8y8 free games. Feel free to play whatever you want besides puzzle games. This time, let’s challenge yourself with the latest puzzle game that requires you to use the brain quite often.

In 100 levels, your mission is to eliminate every single block in the game board. You have only 3 moves on each level. 3 moves equivalents with 3 stars. It means if you solve the puzzle with only one move, you get 3 stars. Use all 3 moves and you get 1 star. However, you just need a star to finish the current level and unlock the next puzzle.

To eliminate all blocks, you just need to swap the position of 2 blocks in a row or a column to create a row of 3 identical blocks. Choose whatever block to move as soon as you can clear 3 blocks at once. On, at some first levels, blocks are only 2 colors but later on, new colors appear that adds an extra challenging level to the gameplay. You have to think before taking action because you just have 3 moves. The first step affects the result. Sometimes, if you make a mistake in your first move, you can’t keep going but play that level once again. Don’t rush.

Play slowly but steadily and you will easily find the best solution for each level. Have a great time here and in other options such as Shooting Color and Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun.


Use your mouse to move the blocks.

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