Drifting Mania

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Drifting Mania GamePlay:

Drifting Mania is one of the latest games at Y8 com 2 players that is worth your time playing. It’s all about drifting. Your car automatically moves forwards and what you have to do is to time your drifts. When you see a contact point, quickly tap or click on the screen and hold to enter a drift. The point is you have to find the right time to hold and release your mouse. When you release, the car will stop drifting.

Your ultimate goal is to try to go as far as possible and conquer as many contact points as you can. Try to stay in the middle of the track to increase your chances of success. If not, you’re easy crash into the curb. And as a result, you have to start the game from the beginning. Yes, you have only one chance each time. Here at https://m.y8y8y8.games/, the further you get, the more you earn.

This game also offers about 30 achievements that once you finish any of them, you will get some coins as a reward. With coins you earn from drifting successfully and achievements, you can customize your car by unlocking new paints, and so on. These customized options don’t help you drift easier or don’t give you luck. It just brings you a new gaming experience. Besides, each time you start the game, there will be a new driving track. It’s cool, isn’t it?

You earn 1 point with each successful drift. In the beginning, it’s hard to score. You may need time to practice to time your action accurately. Have a great time here and enjoy more exciting games such as HillClimb Racer and Emergency Ambulance Simulator

Instructions: Tap or click.

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