Merge Fruit

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Merge Fruit GamePlay:

Let’s forget about the numbers of 2048 and blocks of Tetris to welcome something juicy and fresh and sweet in Merge Fruit. Yes, you are brought to the fruit world where you can enjoy the gameplay of 2048 that combines with Tetris to bring out a new experience. Here at Y8 online games, everything needs to evolve and so does fruit. You won’t grow the watermelon seed to harvest watermelon anymore. Let’s merge 2 kiwis and you get a juicy watermelon for a summer day.

Sound great, doesn’t it? A kind of fruit will appear at the top of the screen and you drag and drop it in the right position to merge it with the same kind of fruit. After a sound appears like a firework, you have a new fruit. No recipe indicates which kinds of fruits will be created from which fruits. All you have to do to discover is to merge them. Let’s merge 2 identical fruits until there is no space.

On, when the fruits reach the top line, all of them blow up and you can start a new game. it’s better to drop the fruit next to the fruits that are 1 or 2-level higher. By doing that, you can make a chain of reactions later on if you have a suitable fruit. The bigger the fruits, the less space you have but the more points you get. What is the final fruit you produce? Is it pineapple or coconut?

What fruit can be made if you merge 2 pineapples? Play and find the answer by yourself. Have fun and don't forget to take a look at other games such as Mahjong Jungle World and Farm Hero


Use your mouse to drop the fruit.

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