Elsa Dream Of Butterfly

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Elsa Dream Of Butterfly GamePlay:

Another interesting game about queen Elsa is available at Y8 free games now. You are waiting for it, aren’t you? Then, let’s enter to Elsa Dream Of Butterfly and enjoy what it brings to you. You can expect that it’s really enjoyable and fun. At here, you will have a chance to experience three parts as three mini-games in one game only. They are Pluck Flower, Flower Bath and Dress Up. They relate to each other and require you to finish one by one in order.

In Pluck Flower, you go to the garden in the castle and plunk various kinds of flower including rose, carnation, lily, orchid, and gerbera. These flowers are not only beautiful but also have a great fragrance. Let’s put them in the basket and bring back to the castle. In Flower Bath, you choose a kind of flower and put into the bathtub which helps Elsa relax and have a great scent. When Elsa is soaking in the tub, you wash her hair. Firstly, you apply shampoo on her hair and massage gently for a while, then you rinse with water. Try it now!

Finally, you use a soft towel to dry her hair and comb her hair too. Her skin looks really bad right now. So, let’s apply a thin layer of mask to soften her skin, then squeeze acne and put 2 cucumber slices on her eyes to reduce strain and remove dark-eyed. When everything is done in this y8 girl games, it’s time to dress her up with a perfect outfit. Pick out the one you like on her wardrobe, mix and match with various accessories and try a great pair of high heels.

Finally, finish her look with a pair of stunning wings. Now, Elsa looks as beautiful as butterflies. Visit m.y8y8y8.games and play more games such as Elsa Disney Princess.


Use the mouse to play this game