Odd Elimination

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Odd Elimination is an awesome game for kids and everyone loves to play puzzle games. Its name tells you something about gameplay. All you need to do in this Y8y8 com game is to find the odd picture from a group of 5 pictures. These pictures are from different themes such as animals, cartoons, shapes, colors, and much more. In a group of 5 pictures, there is one picture that is different from the other 4 pictures and you have to look for it.

Try your best to clear each level as fast as you can and finish all 60 puzzles in a short time. If you choose the right answer, you get 1 point. If you have a wrong answer, your score will be deducted. This is one of the best education games for kids. It helps kids improve critical thinking skills in a fun way. Kids just need to use their common sense and basic logic to spot it and click on it.

Here at https://m.y8y8y8.games/, you can find a lot of educational games like this one. Kids can play alone or with their parents’ help. Like in this exciting game, kids need to observe 5 pictures and find the odd one. On some levels, kids can easily spot the different ones but on some levels, kids will need time to reach the final goal. The challenging level of the game increases from level 1 to level 60 and all the puzzles are unique. No 2 puzzles are alike.

60 levels will definitely bring fun and rewarding moments for kids and every player. Have fun and enjoy every moment here with other fun games such as Hovercraft Flying 3D and Phone Transform

Controls: Tap or click.

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