Hovercraft Flying 3D

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Hovercraft Flying 3D GamePlay:

How many gates can your hovercraft go through? Maneuver your hovercraft and fly through as many gates as possible in one of the latest games at y8 games 3d called Hovercraft. The game rules, game controls, and gameplay are simple and easy but to get the highest score isn’t simple. You need to keep it safe from obstacles. Each time you play, you have 3 chances that are represented by 3 hearts.

Each time you crash into an obstacle, you lose a heart and you can earn extra hearts by collecting that item while flying. Besides hearts, you also can pick up magnets that help you collect several coins at once. These items have a short usage time but if you can make use of them, you can earn a lot of coins to unlock new hovercrafts in the store. All hovercrafts are the same. They don’t have any special features to help you go further or safer but each hovercraft looks good in its own way.

You will have a refreshing experience when driving a new hovercraft on each journey. Here at https://m.y8y8y8.games/, your main objective is just like your goal in any endless runner games out there which is to go to the furthest and get as many scores as possible. Your driving skills and reaction agility will be challenged. It looks simple, but it isn’t. You can't speed up or slow down. That’s why it’s hard to control your hovercraft in the direction you want.

Set a record each time you play and break it in the next play. Have a safe and sound flying journey and make sure that you will check out other fun games on our site. Some of the best choices are Phone Transform and Space Escape

How to play: Mouse.

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