Majestic Hero

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Majestic Hero GamePlay:

Majestic Hero is an enjoyable puzzle game and it’s not related to combat or something violent. Yes, looking at its name and you may think that it will bring you to a battle against monsters to save the kingdom, but it doesn’t. Here at y8 com, you play as a hero and you embark on a treasure finding adventure. Are you ready for it? Let’s start. You may find the gameplay of this game in other puzzle games as well.

All you need to do is to pull out the swords in the right order to protect the hero from dangers and make the treasure come to him. You shouldn’t think that it’s an easy task because you have to observe and take action accurately. Just one wrong move and your hero dies. Don’t let it happen. Puzzle games are great not only for relaxing but also for boosting your memory and problem-solving skills.

On, this latest game is also designed for that purpose. So, if you love to play puzzle games, there is no reason not to play that one. Do you remember what you have to do to complete your mission? The key to win is to pull out the swords in the right order. It looks like you are in a room and the swords separate the room into several spaces.

Each space locks something inside it such as you, magma, water, enemies, treasures, and so on. By pulling out all the words in the right order, you can use water to cool the lava and keep the hero safe. Enjoy your time here and in other awesome games such as Rookie Bowman and Zombie Madness.

How to play:

Use your mouse to pull out the swords.

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