Zombie Madness

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Zombie Madness GamePlay:

If you love zombie games but you are bored of the familiar gameplay that you have to defeat zombie, let’s change to something new with Zombie Madness at y8 com. It’s different from other games about a zombie in gameplay. A dangerous virus is spreading all over the world and people turn into zombies when they get infected. You have also been infected with the zombie virus and now, your mission is to make your species more and more crowded by going around and infecting people. Yes, you are not on the human side in this game.

Instead, you are a zombie and you will try your best to spread the virus widely. 24 challenging levels are waiting for you. Each of them has different gameplay and requires you to do a different mission such as infect people in 60 seconds or go to the zombie zone in 25 seconds. It’s not as easy as it seems to be. You have to finish every single mission within a certain amount of time without any help. In other games on http://m.y8y8y8.games/, you may collect some power-up items to defeat zombies as a zombie hunter.

However, you have to rely on your problem-solving skills to beat each level in this game. Why are problem-solving skills mentioned? It’s just because the core of the game is a puzzle game. You have to use your brain to finish all missions. As you advance, the game becomes much harder. You may find yourself trying several times in one level to finish it. It’s ok because many players just like you.

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Move by using your mouse and arrow keys.

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