Love Pig

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Love Pig GamePlay:

Any fans of the platform or adventure game will love Pig Love. Even if you don’t like this genre, you still might like this awesome game. This game is not too challenging, so it suits children the best. The story of the game at y8 com is fun and straightforward. Mr. Pig and Miss Pig have a romantic love but they live in 2 different farms. Mr. Pig wants to meet her beloved but the journey from his farm to her farm is filled with obstacles, so he needs your help. Are you willing you to help him come to the Miss Pig’s farm safely?

The game has a simple control mechanism. You just need to tap or click to help Mr. Pig jump over the gaps or spikes and any obstacles while collecting 3 stars along the way. In other platform games, you may have to collect coins to buy some new stuff but on, you just need to collect at least 1 star and reach Miss Pig to complete the current level and unlock the next one. There are a total of 10 interesting levels waiting for you ahead.

This game is joyful and enjoyable, give kids an unforgettable gaming time ever. If you are looking for a game suit your kids, let’s jump into this game. It doesn’t include sensitive or violent contents so kids can play without parents around. Our collection of games is updated regularly with new options to bring the best choices for all online gamers. Don’t forget to play Treasure Island and Minecraft Block Match


Click or tap to jump.

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