Through the Clouds

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Through the Clouds GamePlay:

Is there any game simple, fun, and challenging at the same time? The answer is yes and you can find many games on Y8Y8. Through The Clouds is one of them. Its gameplay super simple but it’s extremely hard to master. Your ultimate goal is to help the ball climb up to the top of the pillar on each level. Once it’s on the top, you can move to the next level.

The ball doesn’t have wings. It’s the fact. So how can it fly to the top? You use the glass tiles stuck to the pillar as the base to make the ball go up. These glass tiles create a stair. However, it's a disposable staircase because when the ball lands on any of them, it will break, especially when the ball goes through the glass tiles. You won’t control the ball here. Instead, your job is to rotate the pillar to make the glass tiles face forward, so the ball will have something to land on.

At, you don’t have any help. Sometimes, something surprising will jump out to shake your journey up but by staying focused, nothing can stop you from reaching the final goal. You should expect that the challenging level will increase as you level up. This makes the game better and better. Besides, you don’t know where the final destination is in advance. Then, you have to be careful all the time.

Only one second of distraction, you can ruin all your efforts. If you want to play more games as fun as this one, just browse through our game collection or check out the following suggestions Tap To Break and 2048 Drop.

How to play: Left mouse to rotate the pillar.

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