Crowd Farm

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Crowd Farm GamePlay:

Crowd Farm is a fun game in which you will not grow crops like what you have to do in farming simulator games at Y8y8 online. Your main goal here is to have the most crowded group of sheep ever. Other kinds of animals such as dogs, cows and so on also have the same goal. You have to beat them in number to win. To reach that goal, you move around the farm and eat crops. Eat as much food as possible to increase the number of sheep in your flock.

Make sure you stay away from those who have more animals than your because they can occupy small animals. Besides being threatened by those who have the superiority of numbers, you also have to avoid angry farmers. They will run after you. If they catch you, the number of sheep you have will reduce. On, you will see arrows indicating your opponent's position on the map. You should run against them if you have too few sheep. If you have more animals than anyone else, you can turn their animals into yours.

Otherwise, it’s better to go to a deserted place and focus on eating. You can see your current rank on the screen. Each round lasts 2 minutes and after time runs out, depending on your rank, you get rewarded with coins. You can use coins to buy upgrades including movement speed, start pets, chance double pets and more pets after kill. This upgrade gives you some advantages. Then, upgrade whenever you can. You also can buy new skins in the store.

What is your best rank? Enjoy it and feel free to discover other games on our site. Some great options that you should try are Animal Swift and Fruit Adventure.

Instructions: Mouse to move.

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