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From the name of Chess Move, players might be expecting an ordinary chess game that has ordinary moves of 32 chess pieces that you usually find on a chessboard. However, different from what you think, this new y8y8 kid game will be a whole new experience as it coordinates the classic rules and a new platform. The new platform is created just like that of an adventure game, with blocks, sticks, high edges, and holes. Your pieces can move more freely as there are more spaces on the board, however, the rules of movement for each piece remain unchanged. For example, the Knight can only go in a straight line, while the Queen can move diagonally, vertically, and horizontally.

With a grid-based graphic, the game comes with a total of 24 levels that will challenge you to think about how to place the pieces to the correct block using suitable steps. The layout of each level is well made with an interesting set of movements for you to enhance your thinking ability when it comes to chess. Of course, the ultimate goal of this game from is to capture the King of the opponent that sets in one place only. There's no need to worry about losing any pieces since it's a one-way platform game.

Steer clear of holes or spaces that are blocked to avoid not being able to move forward. Get ready to improve your understanding on how to take advantage of the chess moves and enhance your strategy on the board! For more unique and creative games like this, don't forget that we have a long list of games such as Ski King and Jelly Worl!

Controlling keys: Click on the blocks to move your pieces and use the mouse to interact.

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