Hanger 2

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Hanger 2 GamePlay:

Hanger is back in a new game called Hanger 2 at y8 arcade games. A new fun and a new adventure are waiting for you here. Have a look and you will keep swinging for sure. Just like Spider-Man shot webs from his wrist to move and do more, you shoot something like a rope. Sound impossible but it’s true. This rope hangs you to the top and you can decide how long this rope is to help you move forward easily.

The path below is divided by meters and you will know how far you go and your best result also shows up. Look at it and perform better next time. Your main objective is to go to the finish line without falling and cross the finish line as far as possible to earn more coins. On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, coins are used to unlock new skins, buy upgrades, and other items that help you advance. You can fall but you have to choose to fall on the springs below. It will push you to go further without swinging.

Like other games that you have to go through, as you level up, more and more challenges will appear. Sometimes, you will find yourself lose an arm or a leg, it’s ok. You just need to keep going and approach the finish line. Try to collect keys along the way to discover something new. Swing, upgrade, and conquer the harder levels.

Swing through every level and enjoy your time here because it won’t let you down. After swinging, let’s have other adventures in other games such as Janissary Battles and Family Relics.

How to play:

Left click to hang and release your hand to go free.

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