Ice Queen

Rate: 90% | 4.5/5 (2 Player)


Ice Queen GamePlay:

Each adventure always welcomes you with something exciting and mysterious, doesn’t it? Now, let’s start a new adventure through the world of ice and snow in Ice Queen at Y8 com 2 players. You will meet some animals and local people who will give you something important when you give them something they need. To move on, you need to help animals to get what they want.

Otherwise, you will be stuck there. This is an adventure game that combines puzzle elements. You have to find out how to get the target items safely and how to overcome the deadly obstacles without losing any heart. You have 3 hearts at each level and you can’t earn any extra heart during the journey. Each time you hit an obstacle, you lose a heart but if you fall into the holes, you will die without reviving. You also have to enable some switches or buttons to open the gates to enter some areas.

Like other adventure games at and out there, you also handle dangers such as ferocious animals or chestnuts full of spikes. However, you totally can pass those dangers if you know when to take action. You will have a few seconds to pass them without getting hit. Don't miss that golden time. When you see their color fade, you know the time has come. Your adventure is divided into several stages.

Let’s see how much time you need to complete the whole journey from the first stage to the last one. The game doesn’t count time. Therefore, you can go on an adventure at your own pace. Have fun and enjoy more games such as Santa Gifts Rescue and Human Vehicle:

How to play: Right/left/up/down arrow keys to move.

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