Family Relics

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Family Relics GamePlay:

Experience life in the countryside, why not? Family Relics will give you this chance, even you live in the city in real life. Shall we start? At y8 com new games, you can find lots of farming simulator games. Each one has its own features but this game is stand out because it has beautiful graphics, amazing gameplay, and easy controls. The first point attack you is visual. The second one is its unique story. And the third one is its gameplay. You inherit a farm from your uncle. 

However, to become a worthy person, you must overcome several challenges and your uncle will observe and judge you to see if you are a full farmer. You start by repairing all broken things, plant some plants, and take care of some farm animals. Over time, if you do well, you can expand your farm. On, make sure you check out all missions and finish them alls. 

Harvest farm produce and complete orders to make money. Then you use the money to build some necessary architecture and grow the farm to a new level. Are you curious about the name of this game? Why is it named like that? Just because according to the gossip of the people around you, your family has an inherited artifact but they are hidden somewhere and you need to look for them. Endorse rumors, investigate mysterious events, and find out what the truth is. 

Farm and embark on an amazing adventure here. You won’t feel regret. You can play this game along with other titles like Kill The Coronavirus and Janissary Battles


Play this game with your mouse.

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