Sofia Care Her Pet Hamster

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Sofia Care Her Pet Hamster GamePlay:

Let’s meet Sofia and her favorite pet - Mumu. Mumu is a cute hamster. He is very active, he runs all day but today he just lies in one place. He doesn’t eat anything. Mumu is sick. Sofia doesn’t know what to do now. She is really nervous. Can you help her in Sofia Care Her Pet Hamster at y8 new game?

As a vet, you take the temperature for Mumu, wipe the nose, let Mumu eat the food mixed with medicine. Then, give him an injection of antipyretic drugs. Now, check its temperature one more time. Mumu has reduced fever. He needs to run to recover fully. Clean his place and put them into hamster wheels. It allows Mumu to run and get better. He is fully recovered.

After running for a long time, he is hungry now. You give him some slices of watermelon, a fish, some nuts and more. Last but not least, drink a cup of water to finish the meal. On, it’s bedtime. Let’s help Sofia change her clothes and help Mumu choose an outfit. Mumu has many outfits with different styles. Let them try on all options and pick out the best one.

Thank to you, Mumu is healthy and happy now. You can find other options to enjoy in your free time on our site. Keep your fun lasting longer with Princess Ariel Breakfast Cooking 2 and Elsa Little Chef Rainbow Baking


Use your left click to help Mumu get better.

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