Swamp Attack Online

Rate: 84% | 4.2/5 (30 Player)


Swamp Attack Online GamePlay:

Swamp Attack Online is a fun shooting game with some defend strategy elements. Along with the development of mankind, animals have evolved into creatures that use weapons. Don’t know why you build a house in the center of the swamp - a wet and quite dangerous place. And now, you are under a threat of swamp animals. Such an annoying experience.

At y8 boy games, with no choice, you have to use a gun to deal with them. A horde of mutant animals, monsters, and some terrifying creatures is attacking you and put your life and your house in danger. To protect yourself and your home, you must kill them. They are approaching you and you have to aim and shoot quickly and accurately to defeat them before they bite you. When your health drops to zero, you die and these creatures took over your house.

Kill monsters and you earn coins. You can use coins to unlock new weapons or upgrade the existing weapons or even buy some throwable items such as dynamite and fridge. On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, if you have many weapons, you can switch weapons during the battle. Remember that animals are crowded and they are very aggressive. They won’t stop until you fail.

Don’t let them reach that goal. Show no mercy and teach them a lesson. They live in the swamp but it doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want. Is this genre is your favorite? Then, why don’t you explore more with Defend Home and King Rugni Tower Conquest?

How to play:

Click on animals to shoot them.

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