Frog Fights With Buddies

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Frog Fights With Buddies GamePlay:

Frog Fights With Buddies is a cute and fun game that you can’t miss if you like something both challenging and enjoyable. This time at, you play as a frog and your main objective is to defeat another frog in each match to become the king of the pond. All you need to do is to jump from one water lily leaf to another and eat as many insects as you can. In each match, you compete against one opponent.

Before starting the game, you can choose to play against a random player, or a bot or create your private room and play with your friends. It has super simple and easy gameplay. You just need to tap or touch to make your frog jump. In a match, the player who gains 15 points first is the winner of this exciting Y8 games online game. An insect is a point. An insect will appear between 2 water lily leaves and once you stand on a leaf, it starts spinning.

You have to time your jump to land on the next leaf instead of falling into the water. It’s ok to fall into the water because you are careless or you are pushed by your opponent. You won’t lose because of it. You will respawn and keep hunting insects until the winner is found. If you see your opponent pass you in terms of scores, you can jump towards your opponent to kick it into the water.

This is for fun or a strategy to slow down your opponent. You will have the best gaming experience in this multiplayer game and other options such as and

Instructions: Click or touch to jump.

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