FireBlob Winter

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FireBlob Winter GamePlay:

FireBlob Winter is an interesting 2D pixelated platform game that brings you to the frozen world. Here, you have to ignite the pile of firewood to bring warmth to this cold area. Like many platformer games at online Games y8y8, you will have a memorable adventure in this cool game. There are 2 game modes for you to explore. The first one is the level-based mode where you conquer levels one by one.

You just need to fire the firewood to complete the current stage and move to the next level. This mode doesn’t require you to reach the goal within a given time. The second one is Speedrun where you have to finish all the levels in the shortest time. The gameplay in both modes is the same. You have only one life.

Therefore, if you fall, you have to restart that level or start your journey from the beginning depending on the mode you’re playing. Falling is the only reason that takes your life. You find no enemies, obstacles, or traps. Even though the game doesn’t offer too many dangers like many games at, it doesn’t mean it is easy and simple and boring. You have to time your jump carefully if you don’t want to end your adventure too soon.

Moving in the frozen world isn’t simple at all. besides, the pile of firewood is placed in a position that you will find hard to reach. Whether you play level-based mode or Speedrun mode, you should play slowly and carefully. Time is counted but it’s unlimited. Have a safe journey and wish you can smell this frozen world with your little fire blob. Enjoy more games such as Curvy Road and Fruit Connect.

Instructions: AD or left/right arrow keys to move and Space or up arrow key to jump.

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