Curvy Road

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Curvy Road is a simple but insanely challenging game that you can’t rate its difficulty level after one try. There are so many games like this one at Y8 juegos and each of them is sure to make you sweat to reach the final goal. So let’s go into detail about what you’re going to do here. You embark on an endless ball rolling adventure where you help a ball roll as far as possible. Just roll through as many checkpoints as you can to get high scores.

The track is tricky. It’s curvy instead of straight. It has so many obstacles placed there to stop you from reaching your goal. The most tricky part is that you can’t control the ball’s rolling speed. It auto-moves towards and you have to make sure that it’s always on the track. With a moment of carelessness, the ball falls off the track and your journey ends there. You have to constantly change the rolling direction of the ball.

Once again, it’s extremely hard. If you move the ball to the left or right too much or too little, you fail. Unlike many games on that feature some power-ups to help you pass the obstacles and conquer the challenges, this game has nothing for you to collect. It’s a kind of physical-based game and all you need and has to get a high score is to depend on your skillfulness. By paying attention to the game, you can earn unexpected high scores.

By playing several times, you can master the curves of the road. Good luck and have a safe rolling journey. Besides, the following options are our suggestions for you: 4 Colors Classic and Puppy Jump.

Instructions: AD or right/left arrow keys to play.

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