Crazy Cutter

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Crazy Cutter GamePlay:

Let us introduce you to a newly developed casual game from y8 free games called Crazy Cutter with the theme of the original cutting games. If you haven't been familiar with the rules, just follow the steps in the tutorial. You will be playing the role of a staff who is in charge of chopping down the excess branches on the trees. The job is important since it's to avoid fallen branches on the other people, therefore, we need you to try your best!

Each player can start off with his or her own cutter. This one is sharp and efficient for chopping down the tough branches as well. As you start, control the character and change the position of the cutter in order to reach the goal of making that branch drop down on the ground. Choosing the right angle and the perfect force will make it easier for you to carry out the tasks.

Also, a tip for you is to take the laws of physics into consideration. The further you stand on the branch, the easier it is to chop down. The heavier branches will also fall down faster due to the gravity force. However, another crucial task is to jump down on another branch immediately after finishing with the previous one.

Since the game comes with a down-scrolling screen at make sure to jump quickly so as not to disappear from the screen. Of course, cutting more branches brings you higher scores to put your name on the Leaderboard. More games that are equally fun and adorable and for free are Run Sausage Run and Hungry Shark

How to play:

use the mouse to chop off the branches.

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